Should You Buy… Or Build?

Most organizations face a difficult choice:  Buy an affordable off-the-shelf fraud management software that does not have the level of flexibility and customization that modern businesses need. Or build a customized fraud management solution that incorporates the unique fields or data sets specific to their business but is costly, complex, and can quickly become outmoded as new and better technologies become available. makes the choice simple.

We provide an off-the-shelf, AI-powered fraud management solution that is affordable, adaptable, and customizable. It is easy to implement – and even easier to use.

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Get Started Right Away

Launch in less than 30 days

New API documentation makes installation and onboarding easy, cost-effective, and fast.

Lighten your
IT support load

Unify your data or configure your rules without needing expert IT assistance.

18 hours

Average tech integration time including quality assurance.

Manage a Single, Modern Fraud Prevention Platform

Access all your Data & Vendors in One Place

Intuitive infrastructure makes uploading and visualizing data – and onboarding and updating fraud applications a breeze.

See all Your Major Fraud Management Functions on a Single Screen

Navigation between fraud detection, fraud case management, & fraud intelligence activities with just a few clicks.

Gain Access to In-depth Customer Support

Get 24/7 Technical Assistance

Access our team of service reps at any time via e-mail or Slack to get minor issues resolved promptly.

Leverage World Class Advisory Services experts are available to assist your fraud team with complex, custom technology configurations or help your organization more effectively deploy our fraud management tools.

Let’s Eliminate Fraud Together!

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