Create a
Frictionless User Experience

Device AI scores, measures and deliver real-time insights on your website’s traffic so you can take action to keep your organization safe while letting legitimate customers speed through.


Decrease in Site’s Malicious Bot and Fraudulent Transaction Activity


in Customer
Trust, Brand
Safety & Sales



Less Consumer Friction

For each device, we use an SDK to capture, screen and verify:

Fraudnet location image



numeric keypad icon

Device Fingerprint

Fraudnet server image

Proxies & Tors

Bots & Scripts

Keep Close Tabs on Your Website Traffic

Deter Bots And Other Suspicious User Activity

Identify Who Is Visiting Our Website

Track & Trend Suspicious Activities & User Behavior

Unlock Digital Trust, Unleash Digital Growth.

Get Your Website Certified

Display the Device AI network seal to increase your security, trust and conversions.

Make Implementation Easy

Go live in 1 day.

Scale With Your Team

Empower up to 100 team members to access the case management & analytics portals.

Simplified Integration. Unified Orchestration.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data integrations and maintenance of third-party vendors with the Appstore.


Make Smarter, Faster Decisions.

Device AI combines your customer data with billions of insights from unique data sources available only to users to help you make more accurate risk decisions – while saving time and money.

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Customize and Scale Your Fraud and Risk Management Solution

Device AI is one of’s six AI-powered, risk intelligence solutions designed for each stage of the transaction lifecycle.
Use it alone or combine it with others for customized or complete protection.

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Transaction AI

Fraud Net Application AI Icon

Application AI

Fraud Net Login AI Icon

Login AI

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Device AI

Fraud Net Email AI Icon

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Account AI