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Average Return on


Reduction in Fraud
Management Costs
in 90 Days


Average Tech
Integration Time


Typical Lift
in Revenue

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Grow your Revenue

Deliver a frictionless experience that increases approvals of trusted customers, cancels fewer good transactions, and drives new account growth and sales.

Increase Efficiency

Modernize your fraud case management operations with automated tools, more efficient workflows, pre-vetted vendors, and cloud-based technology that is vastly cheaper to install, run, and support.


Embrace the Future

Make AI-powered, fraud management an essential part of your organization’s digital transformation with advanced machine learning capabilities your team can easily test and deploy as your comfort level grows.

Piggy bank for savings

Save more Money

Drive down fraud costs, streamline your fraud management operations, and lower the amount your organization spends on outside vendors, data, and maintaining your IT.

Establish a Single Source of Truth

Capture, measure, and track the fraudulent activity your organization faces and your efforts to combat it with the industry-leading analytics and the ability to create detailed, customizable reports.

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Expand with your Business

Grant permission-based access for up to 100 team members based on expertise, geography, and other factors so that you can easily scale your fraud management capabilities as your business grows.

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