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The Solution

Add hundreds of critical identity proofing data points to confirm your new accounts and transactions.

These basic identity checks also offer the opportunity to lift sales and reduce customer friction.  Enhance your identity verification and decision engine by incorporating hundreds of data attributes on shipping and billing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Identity Verification


variables appended to your
transactions to fuel the algorithms’ accuracy


features are created & analyzed by our
deep learning models.

$14.7 Trillion

in new value will be won by 2030
by AI’s early adopters. Don’t lose out.


Real-Time Protection

Flexible and modular verification is necessary to enable merchants to confirm a user’s identity, order details, and purchasing methods.

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Frictionless Commerce

Advanced technology enables organizations to test ‘intelligent’ commerce’ by thrilling customers with even greater convenience and speed.

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Anomaly Detection

A big part of building a threat intelligence program is identifying anomalies quickly, with certainty, and auto-triggering counter-measures.

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Early Warning System

Secure your websites and mobile apps. Be alerted of attacks as they happen, on your site and across the network.

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The Power of Getting Identity Right

Organizations are challenged on many fronts in their efforts to protect their customers and their businesses against fraud.  The increasing growth and complexity of digital commerce leaves merchants and financial services firms vulnerable to cybercriminals and requires that organizations ensure they continue their security and anti-fraud policies across all digital channels.

But once your organization can accurately confirm the identity of your new website visitor, applicant or customer, the virtuous cycle begins.  Use’s Identity Services to identify and remove the <1% of fraudulent and high-risk users so that you can focus on thrilling the >99% of high-trust customers.

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Early Adopters Will Win Big

As computer processing power has increased, so has the ability to analyze large data sets. It is now possible to successfully analyze billions of transactions, account openings and other financial events, in real time and at scale.’s AI team specializes in techniques known as ‘deep learning’ as artificial neural networks have many layers of simulated interconnected neurons.

Early AI adopters have higher sales growth and profit margins — and the performance gap with the laggards is expected to widen further.