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Fraud.net’s AppStore vendor data management technology makes it easy to integrate a broad array of information sources.


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Discover Best-In-Class Data Sources And Vendors

Connect with the top-tier data vendors in the fraud prevention industry and take hold of these advantages:

Get Preferred Partner Rates

Grab discounts available from third-party vendors in our online marketplace.

Integrate Applications With Ease

Savor seamless data orchestration in a no-code environment.

Save Money on IT Maintenance

Avoid costly installations, customizations, and API integrations with cloud-based apps that automatically update as new versions are released.

Evaluate Vendors Before Making Long-term Commitments

Test out new fraud applications on your existing data in a fraud management sandbox. This way, you can see how they perform before you implement them.

Simplified Integration. Unified Orchestration.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data integrations and maintenance of third-party vendors with the Fraud.net AppStore.

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Case Study:

Strengthening Protection with More Data Sources

For years, fraud analysts at a leading e-commerce company were forced to tab from one spreadsheet to another as they manually reviewed the various components of a suspicious transaction. From device fingerprinting and customer ID information to social media activity, Fraud.net integrated all these different data sources onto a single platform, making them accessible on a single screen.

As a result, the e-commerce company’s fraud team accomplished these feats:

Dramatically reduced data integration time and challenges

Broke down data silos so they could more effectively evaluate fraud

Reduced the average transaction review time by 50%

Contain Your Fraud. Unlock Your Growth.

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