revenues for online marketplaces is predicted to more than double from by 2022

$40.1 Billion

projected revenues to marketplace operators  in 2022, up from $18 billion last year


of all e-commerce is projected to take place through marketplaces in 2021, up from 50% in 2016


Greater Visibility and Clarity

Complex Fraud & Collusion

The Challenge

All 3-party transactions — those involving a payee, a payer and a marketplace owner or payment facilitator — by definition carry more risk and require more scrutiny to make sure any possible catastrophic events are avoided. Left unaddressed, fraudulent transactions pose a critical threat to both brand and business.

The Solution

Stop broad-based collusion, in which both the sellers and buyers are fabricated in order to drain a large store of stolen credit cards. Linked analyses and deep learning can identify transactions that appear legitimate, but for which no goods are actually shipped.

Products to Ensure Trust and Beat Fraud
at Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

Choose one or combine them for even stronger protection.

Application AI™

Authenticate all types of applications

Transaction AI™

Stay ahead of fraudsters with real-time fraud and AML monitoring

Login AI™

Guard against account takeovers

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Account AI™

Take a comprehensive approach to fraud and risk management

Device AI™

Keep close tabs on your website traffic

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Email AI™

Gain control of your inbox

Trust is Success for Marketplace Operators

The presence of the stolen payment information in the dark web, the relative absence of social activity for the purchasers, and other anomalies,  can help reveal the existence of the fraud rings.  Let Fraud.net help you leverage dynamic machine-learned models to
+ reduce collusion and other coordinated, multi-party attacks
+ enable analysis of 1,200+ appended data points, and
+ speed up ‘good customer’ fulfillment processes.

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The Power of Getting It Right

Organizations are challenged on many fronts in their efforts to protect their customers and their businesses against fraud. The increasing growth and complexity of digital commerce leaves merchants and financial services firms vulnerable to cybercriminals and requires that organizations continue to innovate their security and anti-fraud policies across all digital channels.

But once your organization can accurately confirm the identity of your new website visitor, applicant or customer, the virtuous cycle begins. Use Fraud.net’s Identity Services to identity and remove the <1% of fraudulent and high-risk users so that you can focus on thrilling the >99% of high-trust customers.