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Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Have all your vendors, data sources, and fraud capabilities with a single technology solution - on a single screen.

Accelerate the Setup Process

Get started right away with a library of sample rules tailored for your industry or use case – and the ability to create or customize your own rulesets and workflows.

Manage all your Data & Vendors in One Place

Intuitive infrastructure and a simple online marketplace makes testing out and integrating new data sources and vendors a cinch.

Establish a Single Source of Truth

Capture, measure, and track the fraudulent activity your organization faces and your efforts to combat it with the industry-leading analytics and the ability to create detailed, customizable reports.

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Streamline your Fraud Case Reviews

Modernize your fraud case management operations with more efficient workflows, pre-vetted vendors, and automated tools, cloud-based technology that is vastly cheaper to install, run, and support.

Project the Impact of Potential Rules

Run a rule simulation with your existing data to determine how a new rule will impact future performance.

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Gain Control Over Access Management

Avoid managing multiple passwords for every user with a secure, single sign-on (SSO) – while controlling access to the infrastructure by geography, job role, and more.

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Capture your Most Critical Changes

Generate a clear, detailed and auditable trail for your IT team and regulators with built-in tools that automatically document each change to, each time one occurs.

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