know your vendor solution

Do you really know who you’re doing business with?

Trusted by hundreds of global companies:

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Protect your Company from Invoice Schemes, Billing Fraud, Terrorism Financing and more.

Ensure Supply Chain Compliance

Mitigate Third-Party Risks

Detect Anomalies and Fraud

Automate your Processes

Streamline Supplier Onboarding

Get Started in Minutes, not Weeks

know your vendor solution
know your vendor solution

A single login is all it takes to prevent invoice and vendor fraud.

Get dozens of business-critical risk checks, instantly:

Tax ID Numbers
Bank Accounts
Anti Money-Laundering
Social Security Administration
Death Master File

Identity Verification
Email Verification
Address Validation
Device & IP
…and more.

Is your current vendor verification process lacking?

Know-Your-Vendor (KYV) is one solution we originally created to meet the needs of Citibank, and we think it’ll help you, too. It securely risk scores all forms of new applications, including credit cards, BNPL accounts, consumer loans, bank accounts, supplier onboardings, and more.

know your vendor solution
  • Onboard in minutes.
  • 75% less than other vendor fraud solutions.
  • Avoid costly false positives.
know your vendor solution
  • Verify everything you need with just 1 login.
  • Confidently partner with new vendors.
  • Less error- 99.7% accurate assessments.
know your vendor solution
  • No more pdfs & hand-written applications.
  • Cut out repetitive, manual paperwork.
  • Confirm bank account info in a few clicks.
know your vendor solution
  • Keep your data secure with 1 simple platform.
  • Say goodbye to 3rd party risk.
  • Never send confidential documents through email again.

Are you ready to onboard vendors in minutes and stop vendor fraud at a fraction of your current costs?