Transform Your Fraud and Risk Management Program

Application AI provides a real-time, risk assessment of applications to verify legitimate customers and vendors while stopping fraudulent ones before they can cause further harm.




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More Application Fraud

Authenticate all Types of Applications

Safeguard your business from the financial and reputational impact of application fraud. Strengthen your defense with real-time risk assessment systems, ensuring early detection of application fraud attempts. Application AI is trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions and digital merchants to authenticate:

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Account Openings

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Loan Applications

Bank Accounts Openings

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Credit Card Applications


Merchant & Supplier Onboardings

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Stay Ahead of Fraudsters

Application AI is your go-to solution for:

  • Duplicate Accounts
  • Fake Accounts
  • Synthetic Identities
  • Bots
  • AML & KYC Regulatory Compliance
  • Credit Checks

Unlock Digital Trust. Unleash Digital Growth.

Deliver A Frictionless Customer Experience

Quickly validate the 99+% of customers you trust so more good transactions sail through.

Make Implementation Easy

Go live in less than 30 days.

Scale With Your Team

Empower up to 100 team members to access the case management & analytics portals.

Optimize Your Ability to Combat Fraud

Detect Fraud Before It Can Occur

Get real-time, actionable alerts and fully explainable risk scores for every transaction.

Customize Fraud Case Management

Create and manage thousands of industry- specific risk rules and workflows.

Visualize Fraud Trends

Stay ahead of fraudsters by tracking and trending suspicious activity with easy-to-use tools.

Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Application AI combines your customer data with billions of insights from unique data sources available only to users. This empowers you to make more accurate risk decisions – while saving time and money.

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Customize and Scale Your Fraud and Risk Management Solution.

Application AI is one of’s six AI-powered, risk intelligence solutions designed for each stage of the transaction lifecycle. Use it alone or combine it with others for even more customized or complete protection.

Safeguard your finances with Application AI, the ultimate application fraud prevention platform.


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Transaction AI

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Application AI

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Login AI

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Device AI

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