Loan & Credit Fraud

> 10%

of an average lenders ‘bad debt’ is actually fraud

8 Billion +

identities have been breached and are for sale in the dark web


loan fraud instances in the past year


Unsecured Lenders Most at Risk

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Loan fraud takes many forms – often involving identity theft and synthetic identities, loan stacking, and a myriad of misrepresentations and falsifications.

Lenders can dramatically improve their loan loss rates through data enrichment, linked entity analyses, deep learning, and other recent technology advances.  Stop loan application fraud and boost your loan portfolio’s returns.

Products to Ensure Trust and Beat Fraud
at Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

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Application AI™

Authenticate all types of applications

Transaction AI™

Stay ahead of fraudsters with real-time fraud and AML monitoring

Login AI™

Guard against account takeovers

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Account AI™

Take a comprehensive approach to fraud and risk management

Device AI™

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Real-time Due Diligence

Record numbers of loan payments are late, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Are these delinquencies a sign of financial stress or is there more to the story?  Over 10% of unsecured loans are estimated to be first payment defaults, in which the applicant, real or fictitious, never makes the first payment, no matter how small, and likely never intended to.  

Let remove the fraud from your loan portfolio to leave you with more time for credit modeling and innovation to further improve your returns.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to make every digital transaction safe.

Few things are more exhilarating than building a fast-growing digital business. And few things more alarming than when your business is under attack. Hackers, fraudsters and other malicious actors can cause existential damage to digital organizations in mere minutes.

Having built several sizable e-commerce and fintech companies ourselves, we know that the intelligence of a broad network of companies, combined with real-time bot and fraud detection, can help save your business from critical attacks and losses.