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Launch in Less than 90 Days

Comprehensive API documentation makes installation and onboarding easy, cost-effective, and fast.

Manage all your Data & Vendors in One Place

Intuitive infrastructure and a simple online marketplace makes integrating dozens of new data sources and fraud applications easy – and updating them a cinch.

Establish a Single Source of Truth

Capture, measure, and track the fraudulent activity your organization faces and your efforts to combat it with the industry-leading analytics and the ability to create detailed, customizable reports.

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Reduce your IT Maintenance Costs

Avoid costly installations and customizations with cloud-based software that automatically updates as well as rules and workflows that can be configured by anyone, at any time, with just a few clicks.

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Try Before you Buy:

Test out new fraud applications on your existing data in a fraud management sandbox so you can see how they perform before you implement them.


Avoid Hiring Small Armies of Data Scientists

when advanced data analysis capabilities are already embedded directly into the platform.

Take Advantage of Enterprise-Grade Security embeds robust security policies and protocols into its Amazon Web Services
cloud-based infrastructure – including best-in-class:

Data Protection

Ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS SAQ.D and other data privacy and protection practices meeting local laws and jurisdictions.

Data Encryption

Safeguard data in transit and at rest with end-to-end encryption with strong and robust key management practices.

User Authentication

Leverage unique, and complex password options, along with multi-factor authentication offerings.

User Verification

Leverage our built in user identity verification services addressing fine KYC requirements, on a global scale.

Fine Access Control

Avoid managing multiple passwords for every user with a single sign-on – while controlling access to the infrastructure by geography, job role, and more.

Detailed Audit Trail

Generate a clear, detailed and auditable trail for your IT team & regulators with built-in tools that automatically document each change that occurs.

Continuous Monitoring

Bring real time monitoring into data usage and anomalies leveraging machine learning and automation, giving extreme detection and reaction times backed by human intelligence, 24×7.

Reduced Threat Footprint

Leverage highly scalable and secured microservices infrastructure powered by serverless technologies, requiring little or no patches or security updates.

Physical Security

Exceed or meet best physical security practices as needed for government, healthcare and other highly regulated business sectors.

Get military-grade security built into your fraud management platform. maintains a robust and comprehensive multi-level security environment which is mapped against the highest levels of industry compliance.

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