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With, you have a top-tier fraud case management system in place to get the relevant data at the right time—on a single screen.

Manage your fraud team more efficiently and effectively with customizable tools that automate and expedite your fraud investigations.



Lift in Revenue from more Good Transactions



of your trusted customers



Reduction in Fraud Investigation Costs

Make Faster, Smarter, and more Accurate Decisions.

Streamline Fraud Reviews

Filter transactions through customized workflows, rules & risk profiles to automate rejections, approvals, or escalations for further review all on a single screen.

Tailor Your Fraud Prevention Rules

Customize and create thousands of rules for any event without the need for IT assistance.

Leverage AI-driven Risk Profiles

Integrate AI-powered fraud scores, insights from’s collective intelligence network, and third-party apps to develop more accurate, actionable and transparent rules and decision-making.

Access Fraud Management Tools Built For Business

Contextualize Event Information

Get alerts, network, device, and customer history details on a single screen to approve, decline or further escalate an investigation.

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Team-Based Administration

Group together users based on location, business unit, or expertise — and give each team unique data displays and SLAs.

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Optimize Rule Creation

Use 600+ preset filters to create thousands of customized rules that can automate the bulk of all fraud case reviews, freeing users up to focus on high-stakes investigations.

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Prioritize User Permissions

Empower administrators, managers, and fraud analysts with different tools and capabilities.

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“Best fraud prevention platform to reduce customer’s fraud! I think it’s good that this tool can display all the information for evaluating a case on one page!”

Lukas F.
International Risk & Portfolio Manager

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Case Study:

Flexible Infrastructure for Global Enterprises

Arvato Financial Solutions is a global business solutions company that provides invoicing, payment, and other financial services to more than 200 customers worldwide. Its 60+ fraud analysts work on different teams, time zones, and countries.

The upshot: Arvato needed fraud management infrastructure that could easily adapt to local customs, workflows, and data rules. After evaluating 30+ fraud case management systems, Arvato selected for its industry-leading enterprise capabilities, such as its:

Global Perspective’s team settings enable Arvato to manage what data its fraud analysts could access—and when through customizable workflows, rules, and cutoff times based on what country, division, or corporate team they were on.

Unprecedented Flexibility automatically assembles a complete digital identity based on user data collected by its network or from a broad array of outside vendors.

Rigorous Compliance ensured Arvato was meeting GDPR and other applicable data rules and requirements.

Contain Your Fraud. Unlock Your Growth.

AI & Machine Learning

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Analytics & Reporting

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Collective Intelligence

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