growth rate in annual EBITDA for the global telecommunications industry from 2010 to 2015


the amount telcom companies would be able to lower their operating costs using the new tech, such as machine learning


improvement in churn rates using machine learning and data sharing partnership


An industry in change

A Time for Bold Decisions

The Challenge

Global telecom companies are complex organizations, responsible for everything from retailing of telecom equipment to the delivery of wireless services. Professional fraud rings can cause significant disruption to consumers with account takeovers, porting fraud, and new application fraud and consumers can cause dramatic losses through payment defaults.

The Solution

Machine learning models are expertly engineered with the nuances of the telecom industry already built in.  Our comprehensive, adaptive scoring system performs a detailed analysis and delivers a single risk score, all within 500 ms.

Products to Ensure Trust and Beat Fraud
at Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

Choose one or combine them for even stronger protection.

Application AI™

Authenticate all types of applications

Transaction AI™

Stay ahead of fraudsters with real-time fraud and AML monitoring

Login AI™

Guard against account takeovers

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Account AI™

Take a comprehensive approach to fraud and risk management

Device AI™

Keep close tabs on your website traffic

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Email AI™

Gain control of your inbox

Differentiate Through AI

Telecom companies can improve their management of customer value with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Identifying likely non-pay customers and/or fraudulent activity at acquisition creates an 8-13% reduction in losses. It also has the capacity to greatly reduce friction for the significant majority of low-risk new customers.


Operational Excellence

Differentiating your product is the most certain way to command a price premium, increase customer loyalty and protect market position. Given the #1 customer concern across all digital industries for 15 years in a row is ‘identity theft’, the obvious feature to emphasize to your customers, and value proposition to articulate, is a thoughtfully-architected and technologically-sophisticated anti-fraud system.

Fraud.net is your end-to-end fraud prevention & customer protection platform. We’ll have your enterprise up and running in a matter of weeks. or if you are looking for a singular service, you could be testing in hours.