larger average order size from
mobile vs desktop shoppers


of mobile data consumption comes
from just 35 percent of mobile users


of the world’s 2.5 billion ‘unbanked’ own
a mobile phone

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Fraud Detection

Fast Growing Fraud Threat

Mobile Fraud Prevention

The Challenge

Mobile commerce, now accounting for more than half of worldwide e-commerce revenues, offers unique opportunities and challenges in the field of fraud prevention.  Mobile phone numbers can serve as a person’s unique identifier, or as a false proxy for a malicious actor’s activity.

The Solution

Combining Fraud.net’s device fingerprinting, behavioral biometric and data enrichment services, mobile commerce can be contained while the channel grows rapidly.  Deep learning models can be expertly engineered with the nuances of mobile commerce embedded. Anomalous patterns and behaviors can be identified in-session and challenged with step-up authentication.

Products to Ensure Trust and Beat Fraud
at Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

Choose one or combine them for even stronger protection.

Application AI™

Authenticate all types of applications

Transaction AI™

Stay ahead of fraudsters with real-time fraud and AML monitoring

Login AI™

Guard against account takeovers

Faud Net Account AI Icon

Account AI™

Take a comprehensive approach to fraud and risk management

Device AI™

Keep close tabs on your website traffic

Faud Net Email AI Icon

Email AI™

Gain control of your inbox

Mobile-First Growth (and Risk)

Mobile commerce comes with unprecedented price transparency, increased competition, and new fraudulent schemes. Becoming a mobile-savvy organization requires significant effort, from better omnichannel data collection, to making adaptations to the IT backbone, to support for automation and rapid deployments.

But, as early adopters like South Korea have proven, companies that embrace the growing use of mobile devices stand to lead the next generation of growth in digital commerce.

Colleagues in a meeting

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make every digital transaction safe.
Few things are more exhilarating than building a fast-growing digital business. And few things more alarming than when your business is under attack. Hackers, fraudsters and other malicious actors can cause existential damage to digital organizations in mere minutes.

Having built several sizable e-commerce and fintech companies ourselves, we know that the intelligence of a broad network of companies, combined with real-time bot and fraud detection, can help save your business from critical attacks and losses.