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Fraud Prevention Systems

Last year, 3 billion identities were breached in 3,000 verified incidents. Over 300 million new pieces of malware were launched, ensuring cybercrime will continue to grow at alarming rates. If you haven’t already made your digital fraud prevention a top priority, now is the time. Get started in minutes and let us help you lock down one money-saving issue at a time.

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AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning models are expertly engineered with the nuances of your business and industry already built in.

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Analytics & Reporting

Visualize your real-time data to extract actionable insights, isolate risk and improve your business processes.

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Data Mining

Unify and explore your organization’s data to uncover new strategies and extract game-changing insights.

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Device Intelligence

Shield serves as your early warning system by detecting malicious bots, fraudsters and other bad actors as they arrive on your site.

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Rules & Workflows

A user-friendly case management portal that allows you to set your own rules and review transactions efficiently and accurately.

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3rd Party Integrations

Experiment with new risk management vendors and services (and bring your own) to maximize your program’s effectiveness.

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Identity Services

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Address Verification

Address standardization, validation and activity is essential to establishing the legitimacy (and deliverability) of your transactions.

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Email Verification

Emails and their relationships to other transaction elements provide one the key first steps in assessing the risk of a transaction.

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Identity Verification

Add hundreds of critical identity proofing data points to confirm your new accounts and transactions including multi-factor authentication.

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IP Verification

Leverage our knowledge of the IP address owners, the ISPs, and an understanding of their relative controls and vulnerabilities.

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Phone Verification

Phones are increasingly becoming a primary identity indicator, and gathering its hundreds of data points and behavior patterns is now essential to any program.

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Social Media Intelligence

Social media offers unprecedented levels of connectedness and can also increase certainty and consistency when confirming the authenticity of a transaction.

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Monitoring Services

Bank & Payment

Risk intelligence on over 400,000 different bank and payment methods..

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Dark Web Intelligence

Identify and track which stolen payment cards and identities are available on the dark web.

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Industry Benchmarking

Gain valuable insights to help understanding, prioritize and optimize your risk program strategies.

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ISP Intelligence

Risk intelligence on over 10,000 different ISPs, each with its own set of controls and vulnerabilities

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Marketing Intelligence

Track the true cost of your marketing efforts by overlaying fraud data to your marketing channels.

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Authentication Services

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Passive, continuous monitoring of behaviors and patterns can often separate legitimate from malicious website visitors.

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Login Scoring

Authenticate logins by validating identity and payment information, analyzing velocities, and checking whether credentials are available on the dark web.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Challenge a bot or suspicious user to confirm and/or maintain a higher-level of assurance during a visit, application or transaction.

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