Gain Control of Your Inbox

Email AI protects you from business email compromise schemes by verifying trusted contacts & alerting you to suspicious activity.


Invoice Fraud Costs
to U.S. Businesses Over
The Last Five Years


Increase in Growth of Business E-mail Compromise Fraud Over Last Five Years


Improvement in Work Email Productivity

It’s Easy to Fall Prey

Accounts Payable, HR and Finance departments of all sizes are prime targets for fraud.

Fake Senders

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False Accounts

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Fraudulent Invoices

Spoofed Emails

Actionable Alerts. Powerful Solutions.

Get An Instant Check

Validate sender identities against millions of data points found in our collective intelligence network to ensure you are doing business with partners you can trust.

Set Up In Minutes

Download for free from Microsoft’s App source marketplace to use with Outlook 365, with no software to push, install or maintain.

Scale With Your Team

Empower up to 100 team members to assess the trustworthiness of inbound payment requests and then share their decisions across the organization.

Strengthen Your Protection

Enhance your ability to combat business email fraud accessing’s case management and analytics portals.

AI-Powered Fraud and Risk Intelligence

Intelligent Scoring

Every email receives a risk score from 1 to 100.

Email Fingerprinting

Identify risky subject lines, spam links, and sender domains and IP addresses.

Sms Authentication

Send text messages to verify the sender of suspicious emails.

Simplified Integration. Unified Orchestration.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data integrations and maintenance of third-party vendors with the Appstore.


AI-Powered Fraud and Risk Intelligence at your Fingertips

Email AI harnesses your customer data with billions of insights from unique data sources available only to users so you can better detect anomalies and manage fraud. Here’s how it works in four easy steps:

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Customize and Scale Your Fraud and Risk Management Solution

Email AI is one of’s six AI-powered, risk intelligence solutions designed for each stage of the transaction lifecycle.
Use it alone or combine it with others for customized or complete protection.

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Transaction AI

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Application AI

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Login AI

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Device AI

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Account AI